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Hello, I’m Andrei,
and I'm an iOS Developer.

I am based in Bucharest, Romania and I currently work at Fitbit as an iOS Software Engineer in the team that manages the Fitbit Developer Platform.

In the past, I have worked at CountThings, a software development company from Cupertino, CA. There, I was the lead iOS developer for CountThings from Photos, a mobile app that allows users to count objects from images automatically. My previous experience also includes developing custom software in the field of Computer Vision, implementing vision algorithms using C++ and OpenCV and designing desktop user interfaces in C# WPF.

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Who am I?

Born in the beautiful city of Brasov, Romania. Started programming in my first year of high-school and haven't stoped since then. Enjoyed it from the verry beginning. Went to university to study Mathematics and Computer Science and after graduation, got my first job as a Software Developer. Moved to Bucharest to continue my studies and started my master's in Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Reality. I've worked in the field of Image Processing and Computer Vision for ±3 years. Learnt how to design and implement custom vison algorithms that were meeting the client's needs. Started developing desktop UIs to accomodate those algoritms. Became interested in Python and Matlab to speed-up and ease the work of rapid prototyping.

Started playing with a Mac in 2015. Really liked the thought of being an iOS Developer. Sharpened my skills for ~1 year and switched roles inside the company I was working in at that time. I've helped to shape and implement CountThings from Photos. Tried to reduce the workload and automated the entire CD process using Fastlane. Deploying builds for internal testing, AppStore screenshots generation, metadata management, all became a breeze.

What's clear for me, is that I'll always try to learn new things and expand my skill set. That's how I work...


Master's degree - Graphics, Multimedia and Virtual Reality
Licentiate degree - Mathematics and Computer Science
Jul 2016
Graduation degree - Image Processing and Computer Vision
May 2020 - Present
iOS Software Engineer
Jan 2016 - Apr 2020
iOS Software Engineer
Apr 2015 - Jan 2018
Research Assistant
Politehnica University of Bucharest
Jul 2013 - Jan 2016
Software Developer
Dynamic Ventures, Inc.


5+ years of developing iOS applications. From many personal projects to workplace related apps.

Over 3 years of developing computer vision software. In this time, I've developed over 20+ project prototypes that involved image pre-processing, object detection, recognition and tracking.


Personal projects

CubeSolver AR - Swift

Detects a 3x3 Rubik's Cube using CoreML, applies color recognition for each facet and renders the cube in 3D using SceneKit. After this, it applies a solver and provides all the required steps to solve the cube.

Download from the AppStore
CubeSolver AR - Swift
GSLocalization - Python

GSLocalization - Python

An open-source tool that enables the localization of iOS and Android apps using Google Spreadsheets. Export your localization files to a Google Spreadsheet, translate the text (or share the spreadsheet with your translators) and import it back into your project. As simple as that.

See it on GitHub

ACPolygonView - Swift

A UIKit component that enables you to draw polygons and modify them by dragging their control points.

This component is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile: pod 'ACPolygonView'

See it on GitHub
ACPolygonView - Swift

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